Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hang shade and privacy curtains on your outdoor Alumawood or Duralum patio cover. No Holes, No Screws, No Problems

Now you can enjoy the shade and privacy of your outdoor patio cover by installing outdoor curtains on your patio. Using Alumahangers to hang your curtains you can hang them without putting holes or screws in the cover. Alumahangers are made of powder coated steel and are designed for outdoor decorating. They also work great for hanging plants, pull down shades, or any decoration weighing up to 20 lbs. Check out more ideas at

Hang Costco string lights on your Alumawood or Duralum patio cover with Alumahooks. No Holes, No Screws, No Problems

When you want to hang Costco string lights on your aluminum patio cover, you want to make sure you don't put holes in the cover. Just use Alumahooks by Alumahangers. Alumahooks are made of durable plastic and are strong enough to hang these outdoor lights for the patio cover. They are also great to hang wind chimes, bird feeders, rope lights, party decorations for all occasions. Alumahooks were designed to solve the problem of how to hang decorations on a Alumawood, Duralum or just about any aluminum patio cover without putting holes in the cover. Check out for more ideas and videos on how to use them on your patio.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Decorate your Alumawood or Duralum patio cover with Christmas decorations using Alumahooks.

Alumahooks give you the ability to hang lighting and light weight decorations from your aluminum patio cover without doing any damage to the cover. Made of durable plastic, Alumahooks come in two styles. first, the round 1/4" Alumahook is designed for Alumawood and Duralum non-insulated covers with the grooves in the roof.  The Flat Alumahook is designed for the insulated and flat panel roofs with out grooves but will work on most any solid aluminum patio cover.