Sunday, November 11, 2018

Patio Hangers come in different styles. Alumawood, Aluminum, and Duralum patio covers are why we invented Alumahangers and Alumahooks.

Patio hangers are made for each type of cover. Alumahangers which are made of powder coated steel and Alumahooks which are made of durable plastic were designed for Alumawood, Duralum and
most Aluminum made patio covers. You can enjoy decorating your patio without screws or making holes in the patio. You can find a full line of hangers and hooks at

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The New Flat Alumahooks are designed to fit on any Aluminum, Alumawood, Duralum, or Flat panel solid patio cover. Made of durable plastic. Great for hanging decorations up to 5-lbs. Order today at

The Flat Alumahooks help solve the problem of hanging decorations on a solid patio cover. This Alumahook will work on just about every Solid flat pan aluminum patio on the market. You can get your Flat Alumahooks at

3x8 Alumahanger is designed for a Lattice header beam which is a standard size of 3"x 8" in the industry. You can hang Plants, Chimes, Birdfeeders, Pull down shades, heavier decorating up to 20-lbs
Enjoy the freedom to decorate your Lattice patio cover with the 3x8 Alumahangers for the header beam or the 2x6 Alumahangers for the rafters. Both are made of powder coated steel and are designed for outdoor use .

Alumahooks Rope light hangers are now available to decorate your Aluminum Alumawood or Duralum patio cover. Order today at

Rope lighting is one of the most appealing lights to hang. Unfortunately, on Alumawood, Duralum and most aluminum patio covers the clean installation of rope lights was hard to achieve. Not any more. Alumahooks gives you the ability to hang rope lighting with easy and make look like a Pro did it. Check out other ideas at